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A New Era of Sound Isolation Pucks

Improved Sound Quality or Your Money Back - Guaranteed!*

*Conditions Apply: Returned goods must be in clean, saleable condition. Postage payable by customer. Guarantee only applicable to situations where previously no isolation systems were installed.

Sound Speakers


…at affordable prices.


Set of 6

Elevate your audio experience to new heights with Pinpoint Isolation System's revolutionary sound isolation pucks. Crafted to be the cornerstone of your sound system, these pucks deliver unmatched stability, elevating key elements such as sound stage, clarity, focus, and tone.

For optimal results, consider our recommended triangular setup position two isolators at the front and one at the back, supporting each speaker. This configuration not only ensures maximum stability but also enhances overall sound quality. Immerse yourself in a sonic journey where every note resonates with precision and clarity.


Pinpoint Isolation Systems - where stability meets superior sound.

Set of 8

Transform your audio landscape with Pinpoint Isolation System's groundbreaking sound isolation pucks, meticulously designed to enhance sound clarity while offering a steady platform for your audio setup. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering this exceptional quality at a fraction of the cost you might anticipate from other market brands.

For an optimal audio experience, consider our recommended rectangular setup: position one sound isolator under each corner of your speaker. This configuration not only ensures stability but also unlocks the full potential of your sound, creating a captivating auditory environment.


Pinpoint Isolation System - where premium sound meets affordability.

Forest Trail

Why Choose Pinpoint Isolators?

What makes our pucks the superior choice?


  • Handmade with love in Australia - from reclaimed hardwood.

  • Superior sound that will blow you away.

  • Excellent quality.

  • Competitive and affordable pricing.

  • Created to be kept for life and built to last.

Love your new sound or get your money back, guaranteed!



At Pinpoint Isolation Systems, we manufacture exceptional quality sound isolation pucks at a more affordable price than the majority of other brands in the market.

Round Speaker

Better Clarity


Improved Focus


Exceptional Tone



As somebody who develops and designs high quality audio gear and loudspeakers, I do have to rely on others to be able to make products that complement what I produce.


I was given an opportunity to use Pinpoint Isolation Systems’ isolation pucks.


I wanted to use something that got away from spikes that penetrates through carpet and are friendly and non-piercing, and usable on both carpets and flat areas. I have been very happy with the results and especially what seems the focus of the sound.


I rarely use typical audiophile language to describe things, but clarity, focus and tone is very important to me.


The soundstage also seems very stable, reverb and echoes of recording venues are nicely revealed.


These things indicate a stable platform for my speakers. I can heartily recommend Pinpoint Isolation Systems’ pucks and while I used them on speakers, they may also be suitable using as platforms for other pieces of equipment, something I am yet to explore.


In a few words, they do their job very well. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone wishing to improve the sound of their system.

Joe Rasmussen

Custom Analogue Audio


All I can say is system has transformed. I use Tannyo DC6SE speakers, PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amplifier and use a Yaoin MS-12B Pre amp.


I have been testing what different these speaker isolation pucks have made on my system by listening to all of my best vinyl records and there are 3 things I believe that have been enhanced.

  • Sound Stage

  • Sound Separation

  • Correct Speaker Height 

I give Pinpoint Isolation Systems speaker pucks 10/10


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