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For Audiophiles, by Audiophiles

At Pinpoint Isolation Systems, we have but one mission: to help fellow music enthusiasts get the most out of their sound systems, and to do so at an affordable price!



It’s common knowledge that Audiophiles often have to spend incredible amounts of money in the quest for the perfect sound.


At Pinpoint Isolation Systems, we manufacture sound isolation pucks at a much more affordable price than the mainstream brands in the market.

It took 7 years of product development, and many attempts of trial and error, for us to finally arrive at solution that, as discerning audiophiles ourselves, genuinely impressed us in both sound quality achieved and the ability to be manufactured on a larger scale, and at a significantly lower cost than most competing products in the market.

Our goal was to create a great product, at an affordable price, and we're absolutely sold on the end result. In fact, we believe in our product so much that we guarantee you'll love it - or we'll give you your money back!*

After all, doesn’t everyone deserve to enjoy amazing sound?!

*Conditions Apply



Our sound isolation pucks are 100% made in Australia, and the quality is evident in the feedback we get from our customers! Available in sets of 6 and 8, depending on your desired configuration.

We recommend a triangular configuation: two isolators placed under the speaker at the front, one at the back. That being said, configurations with 4 isolators under each corner of the speaker work very well, too.




"Hi-Fi accessories such as footers/pucks often have diverse opinions. I suspect this is because there are so many variables like different amps, speakers and room acoustics that can influence the sound.


When I auditioned these well-made Pucks in two systems (Elsinore & Denton 2 speakers), the impact was remarkably similar:


Improved bass definition, clarity and openness to the mid-range. The effect was somewhat subtractive but in a good way. If your speakers tend to be on the warm side of neutral, these pucks may balance things up nicely." 


Glen Hughes




"Two major improvements I noticed after installing: the focus and sound stage, and the pinpoint pack under the speakers. It's hard to say exactly what makes the sound better, but it's just better, more fulfilling, and more hidden.


Absolutely recommended!"

Joel Bhana

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