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For Audiophiles, by Audiophiles

Mission Statement

At Pinpoint Isolation Systems, our singular focus is to

assist music enthusiasts in unlocking the full potential of their sound systems, all while

maintaining an unwavering commitment to affordability.



Unlock the richness of unparalleled sound without breaking the bank – a pursuit often thought to require a hefty investment in the audiophile world.

Welcome to Pinpoint Isolation Systems, where we've crafted sound isolation pucks that promise extraordinary audio quality at a price that won't leave your wallet in disarray, distinguishing us from the pricier options in the market.

Our journey began with a genuine concern for those seeking cost-effective isolation solutions. Faced with the prospect of shelling out $450 for each puck, with a minimum purchase of 8, we realized there had to be a more accessible option

In the spirit of true audiophile ingenuity, we took matters into our own hands. Through rigorous research and design, we birthed our line of isolation pucks – an affordable alternative to the mainstream brands dominating the audiophile community.

The technology behind our pucks is elegantly simple yet highly effective. Crafted from shaped high carbon steel, these pieces interlock in a multi-directional dance under pressure, converting vibrational energy into minute amounts of heat. The result? Unwanted vibrations are dissipated without absorption, ensuring a pure and undistorted audio experience.

Seven years of meticulous research and development later, we proudly present what we believe to be the epitome of value in isolation pucks.

Our audiophile experts, a select group of discerning friends deeply embedded in the world of sound, lent their critical ears to our endeavor. After extensive listening sessions, they not only endorsed our pucks but became fervent advocates, having experienced a substantial improvement in their audio journeys.

We believe that everyone, regardless of budget, deserves the sublime quality of sound. With Pinpoint Isolation Systems, we bring the magic of incredible sound within reach for all. Elevate your audio experience without compromise – because exceptional sound shouldn't come with an exorbitant price tag.


*Conditions Apply



Our sound isolation pucks are 100% Australian made. Hand-built from reclaimed Australian hardwood, each puck is completely unique in character, caused by the slight differences in grain and colour. This unique quirk adds to the personality of the individual puck and makes their sound even more magical.


Built to last, you'll be able to use these pucks for a lifetime, if kept dry and undamaged.


The quality is evident in the feedback we receive from our customers.


Our high-quality sound isolation pucks are available in sets of 6 and 8, depending on your desired configuration.

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Why Choose Pinpoint Isolators?

What makes our pucks the superior choice?


  • Handmade with love in Australia - from reclaimed hardwood.

  • Superior sound that will blow you away.

  • Excellent quality.

  • Competitive and affordable pricing.

  • Created to be kept for life and built to last.

Love your new sound or get your money back, guaranteed!



"Hi-Fi accessories such as footers/pucks often have diverse opinions. I suspect this is because there are so many variables like different amps, speakers and room acoustics that can influence the sound.


When I auditioned these well-made Pucks in two systems (Elsinore & Denton 2 speakers), the impact was remarkably similar:


Improved bass definition, clarity and openness to the mid-range. The effect was somewhat subtractive but in a good way. If your speakers tend to be on the warm side of neutral, these pucks may balance things up nicely." 


Glen Hughes




"Two major improvements I noticed after installing: the focus and sound stage, and the pinpoint pack under the speakers. It's hard to say exactly what makes the sound better, but it's just better, more fulfilling, and more hidden.


Absolutely recommended!"

Joel Bhana

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