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Enhanced clarity, tone, and sound stage elevate the audio experience to unparalleled heights.


Explore the ultimate sound isolation solution suitable for both carpeted and non-carpeted areas.

Our pucks consistently prove their ability to enhance sound stage stability, focus, and deliver unmatched clarity and tone. Immerse yourself in the authentic ambiance of recording venues, as reverbs and echoes are beautifully revealed.

Crafted in Australia from top-tier reclaimed hardwood, our pucks boast enduring quality, validated through rigorous testing to guarantee a superior sound experience. Whether on speakers or supporting other equipment, indulge in premium sound quality at a fraction of the cost you'd anticipate from other market brands.

Experience confidence with our 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don't notice a significant improvement in sound, return your undamaged pucks for a full refund.


Elevate your audio experience effortlessly with Pinpoint Isolation Systems.


Pinpoint Isolation System's sound isolation pucks effortlessly slide under your speaker, featuring a central indentation designed to accommodate spikes.

Forge a robust connection that not only stabilizes the speaker but also optimizes both sound and vibration, ensuring a heightened audio experience.

Each puck boasts a remarkable weight-bearing capacity of 40kg, providing steadfast support for your audio setup.

For optimal sound results and a rock-solid foundation, we suggest the use of a triangular configuration. Alternatively, opt for a square configuration when pairing with speakers equipped with built-in spikes.



…at affordable prices - or your money back, guaranteed!*

*Conditions Apply: Returned goods must be in clean, saleable condition. Postage payable by customer. Guarantee only applicable to situations where previously no isolation systems were installed.


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Elevate your audio experience to new heights with Pinpoint Isolation System's revolutionary sound isolation pucks. Crafted to be the cornerstone of your sound system, these pucks deliver unmatched stability, elevating key elements such as sound stage, clarity, focus, and tone.

For optimal results, consider our recommended triangular setup position two isolators at the front and one at the back, supporting each speaker. This configuration not only ensures maximum stability but also enhances overall sound quality. Immerse yourself in a sonic journey where every note resonates with precision and clarity.


Pinpoint Isolation System - where stability meets superior sound.


AUD $240


Transform your audio landscape with Pinpoint Isolation System's groundbreaking sound isolation pucks, meticulously designed to enhance sound clarity while offering a steady platform for your audio setup. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering this exceptional quality at a fraction of the cost you might anticipate from other market brands.

For an optimal audio experience, consider our recommended rectangular setup: position one sound isolator under each corner of your speaker. This configuration not only ensures stability but also unlocks the full potential of your sound, creating a captivating auditory environment.


Pinpoint Isolation System - where premium sound meets affordability.


AU $320

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